YMS Laboratories is providing an integrated platform of research services across the Pharma R&D value chain to a growing number of global Pharma companies. The Company combines science, innovation and people to help clients address their Drug Discovery and Development challenges. Y M S Laboratories has empowered by strategically located R&D centres in Hyderabad and Karnataka. Both Facilities are having the Research and Development Labs and well experienced , dedicated scientists who are constantly involve in developing Route Of Synthesis for new chemical entities, Process development and optimization of various Pharmaceutical Intermediates and API s. our mission is to prove ourselves as a innovating, leading and cost effective research oriented company in the global pharmaceutical market. We also provide the following various R&D services to meet our customer’s requirements.

  • Peptide Synthesis
  • Synthesis of Novel Hetrocyclic compounds
  • Synthesis for Aliphatic Long chain Fatty Acids
  • Enzymatic route development for various APIs
  • Identification and synthesis of impurities for APIs.
  • Custom synthesis from gram to kilogram scale
  • Synthesis and purification of chiral molecules

Medicinal Chemistry & Synthesis

Utilizing our strength in Medicinal Chemistry, we design and synthesize molecule libraries to enrich chemical space of our client’s compound repository. Our process development and production capabilities in the area of synthetic organic chemistry provides broad range of high quality synthetic organic products at competitive prices while meeting the most stringent industry standards.

Process R&D and Custom Synthesis :

YMS Laboratories is equipped to advance your lead compounds from lab-scale (mg levels) to pilot scale including multiple step syntheses. We are well known for and versed in a variety of chemistries, from carbohydrate and nucleotide chemistry to cyanations and nitrations. We deliver efficiently with speed and quality.

We offer contract research and manufacturing services that help global pharmaceutical and biotech companies significantly enhance their R&D success.